Our players’ representative, James Menzies has been particularly busy and musicians from the TSO have been particularly generous, and we will soon announce a wonderful array of treats and performances for those fortunate enough…or savvy enough…to be members of TSO Friends.

Annual General Meeting

TSO Friends Annual General Meeting will be held on 18 March in the TSO Studio at 2.30pm.

Enter from the TSO entrance on the corner of Evans and Macquarie Streets. As usual there will be a musical treat and refreshments.

RSVP to the Box Office on 1800 001 190.

Should you wish to nominate for the committee click here for the nomination form

The etiquette for attending an open rehearsal is similar to that for attending a normal concert, but there are a few differences.  Please ensure that all noise making devices, such as mobile phones and pagers are turned off. At rehearsals, performers are fine tuning the subtle nuances of their presentation. Please gather in the foyer of the Federation Concert Hall before 9.50am, as though attending a concert. Please be punctual. You might not be admitted once the rehearsal has begun. As you enter the auditorium, you will be guided to a generous area of seats. You may sit almost anywhere within this area, but please do not move beyond it. Once seated, please remain seated and quiet, even if you see musicians and TSO staff moving about. You might hear only parts of the concert program, rather than the full program; you might hear some parts several times, and some parts might be omitted, at the conductor’s discretion. Please do not enter or leave during the rehearsal, even if you see other people and/or groups entering or leaving. The rehearsals are not, and are not intended to be, “come and go as you like” free concerts, or “picnic” concerts.

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