Our players’ representative, Dinah Woods has been particularly busy and musicians from the TSO have been particularly generous, and we will soon announce a wonderful array of treats and performances for those fortunate enough…or savvy enough…to be members of TSO Friends.

Meet Mitchell Nissen, TSO Principal Bass Trombone

Meet Mitchell Nissen, TSO Principal Bass Trombone
Sunday 10 November, 2.30pm
Brock Room, Launceston Church Grammar School

Afternoon tea will be served after the presentation and you will have the opportunity to chat with Mitch.
RSVP to TSO Box Office 1800 001 190 or rsvp@tso.com.au by Thursday 7 November.


2020 RACT Symphony under the Stars

2020 RACT Symphony under the Stars
Saturday February 22, 7pm
City Park, Launceston

Volunteer raffle ticket sellers are needed to ensure the success of the TSO Friends raffle at this event.

This is one of our major fundraisers and the more volunteers we have, the more tickets we sell!

For details please contact Diane ph:0407 472 233/e: dianetruskett@gmail.com or Maggie ph:0409 960 961/e: maggiemck8@bigpond.com


Of course the splendid RACT Symphony Under the Stars concerts on Saturday 16 February in the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens and Saturday 23 February in City Park, Launceston are a perfect start to the 2019 season.

These concerts provide the TSO Friends with our principal fundraising opportunity via the raffles at each venue.

Raffle winners

1.  3815
2. 1690
3. 1545
4. 1400
5. 3737
6. 3779

We look forward to welcoming you to an Open Rehearsal. Please note that we ask you to observe the same etiquette as for any TSO concert.

  • Please ensure that mobile phones (or any devices that may create noise), are turned off – or in silent mode.
  • Please be punctual and gather in the foyer of the Federation Concert Hall, as latecomers cannot be seated.
  • You will be ushered to a seating area.  Once seated, please remain in your chosen seat

As this is a rehearsal, you may hear only parts of the concert program, rather than the full program; you may hear some parts several times, and some parts might be omitted, at the conductor’s discretion.

Additionally we request:

  • Please do not applaud.
  • Please do not enter or leave during the rehearsalTo RSVP for TSO Friends Open Rehearsals, email rsvp@tso.com.au or contact the TSO Box Office on 1800 001 190

We hope that you enjoy the rehearsal.

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