Our players’ representative, Dinah Woods has been particularly busy and musicians from the TSO have been particularly generous, and we will soon announce a wonderful array of treats and performances for those fortunate enough…or savvy enough…to be members of TSO Friends.

3 July 2020: Open Rehearsal Master 7  - CANCELLED

Master 7: Trpčeski plays Tschaikovsky – CANCELLED

17 April 2020: Open Rehearsal Master 5 - CANCELLED

Master 5: Elgar Cello Concerto – CANCELLED

29 March 2020: TSO Friends AGM - POSTPONED

Sunday 29 March 2020 – POSTPONED

10:30 am
TSO Studio
Entry is by the TSO entrance on the corner of Macquarie and Evans Streets.


There will be a register of current financial members at the door. You may need to check your membership status prior to the meeting to ensure you are eligible to participate. To do this, please contact the TSO Box Office on 1800 001 190.

Following the meeting, there will be music by a TSO quartet of Yue-Hong Cha and Frances Davies, violins; William Newbery, viola; and Brett Rutherford, cello. Refreshments will be served after the recital.

AGM notice and explanatory notes can be downloaded here and here.

RSVP to TSO Box Office 1800 001 190 or rsvp@tso.com.au by Wednesday 25 March 2020

TSO Open Rehearsals 

The TSO has made an executive decision that only 80 people are permitted as audience for these rehearsals. There are many reasons for this capped number, but we have to remember that open rehearsals are still professional rehearsals for the orchestra and we are very privileged to be allowed to attend at all.

Guest artists and conductors give permission for us to attend, and 80 people is the maximum audience who can attend without causing distraction and detracting from the musician’s rehearsal.

Please also note that music currently in copyright cannot be performed at open rehearsals due to financial restrictions. And, as always, the rehearsals are at the discretion of the conductor – if the orchestra requires more work on one piece than another, or if they have reached a satisfactory level of rehearsal for the day, the rehearsal structure will change from what we are used to.

As soon as you note the open rehearsals listed in our newsletters and have checked that you are free, click on the RSVP link or phone the Box Office. There is nothing to stop you from accepting now for both events.

Please note that open rehearsals are for TSO Friends members only.

If you accept and then find you are unable to attend, please contact the Box Office so they can free your seat to someone on the waiting list. Another Friend will be very grateful!

TSO Open Rehearsals Etiquette 

Please note that we ask you to observe the same etiquette as for any TSO concert.

  • Please ensure that mobile phones (or any devices that may create noise), are turned off – or in silent mode.
  • Please be punctual and gather in the foyer of the Federation Concert Hall, as latecomers cannot be seated.
  • You will be ushered to a seating area.  Once seated, please remain in your chosen seat

As this is a rehearsal, you may hear only parts of the concert program, rather than the full program; you may hear some parts several times, and some parts might be omitted, at the conductor’s discretion.

Additionally we request:

  • Please do not applaud.
  • Please do not enter or leave during the rehearsal
  • To RSVP for TSO Friends Open Rehearsals, email rsvp@tso.com.au or contact the TSO Box Office on 1800 001 190

We hope that you enjoy the rehearsal.

2019 PAST EVENT Open Rehearsal Rach 2

Open Rehearsal Special 3

Friday 6 December, 10am
Federation Concert Hall

Johannes Fritzsch conductor
Alexander Gavrylyuk piano

2019 PAST EVENT TSO Friends Christmas Party

TSO Friends Christmas Party

Sunday 8 December, 11am

TSO Studio

William Newbury, TSO Viola, is planning some merry musical mayhem and there will be the usual festive fare and Lucky Door Prizes!


2019 PAST EVENT TSO Friends 2020 Season Preview

Monday 23 September: 2020 TSO Season Sneak Preview with Simon Rogers
TSO Green Room, 5.30pm.

Simon is the TSO’s Director Artistic Planning and always gives us a splendid and highly entertaining presentation of next year’s programming.
Refreshments from 5pm in the Green Room. Simon’s talk starts at 5.30pm.
Please enter via the door on corner of Macquarie and Evans Street.

RSVP to TSO Box Office 1800 001 190 or rsvp@tso.com.au by Thursday 19 September.

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